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Engineering Days 2017

The Engineering Days 2017 will be held from 28th - 29th November. In Vienna

Already, the interest is very large and the exhibition nearly bulging.

Details at www.engineeringdays.at

RIB SAA & Soilbuild

RIB SAA signs the agreement with Soilbuild in Singapore to build the new precast hub.

The proven complete solution for PPS, MES and plant control.

Engineering Days 2017

 Austria Trend Hotel Savoyen Vienna **** Rennweg 16, 1030 Wien


The Engineering Days understand themself as a platform for discussions between operating precast companies and technology leaders in the industry.

Current trends, topics and technologies in modern precast concrete plants are presented and discussed by means of technical lectures, field reports and workshops.

The conference is addressed to directors and managers of precast concrete plants as well as to their engineers.

Parallel to the congress an exhibition of suppliers is set up in the fields of mechanical engineering, automation technology, CAD and ERP-systems.

Engineering Days are organized every 2 years by

    RIB SAA Software Engineering GmbH

    Precast Software Engineering GmbH

    Prilhofer Consulting GmbH & Co. KG


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