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Engineering Days 2017

The Engineering Days 2017 will be held from 28th - 29th November. In Vienna

Already, the interest is very large and the exhibition nearly bulging.

Details at www.engineeringdays.at

RIB SAA & Soilbuild

RIB SAA signs the agreement with Soilbuild in Singapore to build the new precast hub.

The proven complete solution for PPS, MES and plant control.

RIB & SAA running together

RIB Software AG headquartered in Stuttgart and SAA Software Engineering GmbH based in Vienna bundle their strengths, to be disposed to follow their mutual vision of the industrialization of construction engineering. RIB acquires 75% of the shares of SAA.

RIB Software AG with its software solution iTWO is the leading global provider of construction management software. Model-based planning, connected with costs and schedules, yields a ground-breaking 5D approach, which is already successfully used by many large construction companies and customers in Europe (i.a. Strabag, Bögl, Züblin, Porr, Deutsche Bahn).
As a technology leader in automation of precast concrete plants, SAA Engineering brings in its Know How and thereby expands the scope of RIB in production processes. It enables to simulate and optimize production and logistics tasks already in the planning stage.

Together we are going to pursue and to implement the concept of a SMART CITY - digitally designed and produced with the highest possible degree of prefabrication. Modern production methods according the principles of Industry 4.0, which rudimentary have been developed in the precast concrete industry since 25 years, will be an integral and sustainable part of the BIM information chain.
In the joint customer segment, we will manage to increase the SAA market share in the precast concrete industry significantly and to drive forward the production integration in related prefabrication fields.
With a strong partner in the new partnership, we will be even more reliable to take responsibility for innovative solutions and to yield our Know How successfully.
The intensive dialogue with our partners in plant engineering and our customers remains to be our primary concern.

We are proud of our achievements and highly motivated for the new challenges.
Robert Neubauer | Christian Hanser

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